Friday, 20 April 2012

SAMSUNG GALAXY note review!!!!!

With a 5.3-inch screen, it's superior than any Smartphone techdoll has ever seen. You'll sincerely need to confirm and make sure it'll fit in your pocket. Talking into it is like holding a magazine to your face.
Since we've gotten that out of the way, the Galaxy Note is a unique device that tries to be astride the line between a smartphone and a tablet. On top of that, Samsung is heavily advertising its stylus, an accessory that iPhones and other touch screen phones were supposed to kill. Despite the fact that the device has a gigantic screen, the rest of it isn't chunky. The Galaxy Note is about as broad as the average smartphone. As Samsung promoted this as a semi-tablet, it's running a tailored version of Gingerbread, (the year-old version of the Android system for smartphones). Gingerbread has a few tablet-like features, but it feels much more like a large phone than a small tablet. That might change when Samsung releases an update to Ice Cream Sandwich Android in the coming weeks, as that version is nearer to a tablet feel. The screen is sharp and crisp, with videos becoming particularly alluring due to the Galaxy Note's gigantic size. Running them isn't a setback either, as the device's processor handled every task we threw at it with no real stuttering or delay.
Now the stylus, somewhat we haven’t seen standard in portable devices for to a certain extent. Samsung didn't just throw in aged technology and label it a day; this stylus has a button on it. Tap the stylus on the screen with no holding the button down and the Galaxy Note acts like you put your finger on it. But press the button, and you'll be able to access a few definite stylus commands, such as swiping to the surface to go back to a preceding screen. The most exciting use of the stylus is the capacity to take an on the spot screenshot, then draw what on earth you like on it. There's also a stylus-enabled photo app, and the stylus is very versatile for a game of Draw Something. But beyond those uses, we didn't find ourselves using the stylus much. The bigger screen also makes touch commands easier and more precise, so there aren't too many convincing reasons to bring it out all through general app use. Techdoll ought to also mention that we certainly valued being able to set up the phone by typing in all information – (contacts, ring tones, bookmarks, social media accounts and additional free apps) - through our computer. Approved, not everyone will be next to a computer when setting up the phone, but techdoll just loved that the option was there.
Whether you'll be fond of the Galaxy Note mostly comes down to how much you like the size and the stylus. But even without those features, the Galaxy Note lines among the superior tier of Android smartphones out present.
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