Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Apple iphone 4 v/s Apple iphone 4s

As the new iphone 4s was launched by Apple Company, many people would like compare the new one with the older ones. Someone will say the iphone 4s is the iphone 5. There wouldn’t be too many changes on the form, but some aspects on the design. And the iphone series could be charged on car gps navigation. So install an auto DVD player on your car is necessary, which could navigate and also offer entertainment. Since the production is plentiful, and the produce cost is cheaper now, the price of the new iphone is very cutthroat.
Apple Company is recognized to the majority populace as the smart phones manufactures, which are simple to use and could create a very sturdy position compared to its other smart phone counterpart.
Previous to the iphone 4s was launched, there were rumors going with reference to about the features of the iphone 5. The iphone 4s’ coming surprised the fans of iphone run. Disappointed or pleased, the fact is the iphone 4s is basically an upgrading on the iphone 4.
Some fans may feel disenchanted, because there isn’t any changing on appearance. And there have been speculations of features such as a transparent display. There were also many of abstract designs that have been presented by iphone fans on the internet. But the fans do not find any changes in the hardware design of the said phone. But the iphone fans still want to get a new one…as usual iphone freaks!!!!
in point of fact, the processor of the iphone 4 and the iphone 4s are different. There are two kinds of processors, A4 and A5. A5 processors can offer a clearer and swift processing experience for the user. There is an additional fresh feature on the iphone 4s, the 8 megapixel rear camera. This is the first on iphone account to have such a sort of camera with the resolution. As many people are fond of the crisp images from the iphone 4s (5 MP cameras), people may perhaps enjoy taking high-resolution snaps with the new iphone 4s.
The worth of Apple’s products is pricier than other parallel products. As the production is abundant and the manufacture costs is cheaper now, and Apple could offer a competitive price for the new iphone 4s. The cheapest iphone 4s one is about 199 US dollars with 16GB storage. And the most expensive one is about 399 US dollars for 64GB storage.
The iphone series could be charged on an in-dash car DVD player. And you could also play the songs stored in the iphone. So if you have a car gps player on your car, it will be convenient for the iphone use. If you want to know more information about the car DVD gps player, you could search the details on the internet.
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