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Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung's Galaxy S3 takes on its predecessor, the Galaxy S2 in our head-to-head comparison
Samsung Galaxy S2 - 125.3x66.1x8.5mm, 116g
Samsung Galaxy S3 - 136.6x70.6x8.6mm, 133g
The Galaxy S2 formed part of an iconic visual style of its time and place, following on from the Apple iPhone, it kept the trend of a more angular and slab-like shape, with slightly softened corners and a svelte 8.5mm profile.
Although visual trends are now changing it's a design that still looks contemporary a year later. Chrome accents provide a bit of contrast to the black bodywork and the back panel features a nice textured, mesh-like surface.Samsung is known for using durable plastics, meaning we know the Galaxy S2 isn't going to fall apart any time soon, but the handset does have a slightly cheap feel for a premium model, particularly on the back panel.Samsung's successor model, the Galaxy S3, likewise follows the trends of its classmates,Samsung said the design was inspired, in part, by ‘pebbles' which is evident in the more curved shape over all.We can also see a hint of Galaxy Nexus in there as well. Interestingly, the handset doesn't have a conventional black option; colour choices are either blue or white.Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S3 features a physical home button and capacitive ‘back' and ‘menu' controls, meaning Samsung has chosen to forego Android Ice Cream Sandwich's on-screen touch controls.We mentioned earlier Samsung's use of plastics and this has extended to the Galaxy S3. The problem here, however, is that unlike HTC, Samsung hasn't opted for a high-quality matte finish plastic. The bodywork has a very tacky and cheap feel; it's extremely shiny despite its brushed texture and shows up finger prints quite a lot.
We were expecting Samsung to improve on the Galaxy S2's cheap plastic feel given that this was a common criticism in the past, but if anything it actually feels worse which is a big disappointment.
Apart from this it looks great in our view, we really like the shape, the size is not far off the original Galaxy S2 as Samsung has crammed a larger screen into a similarly-sized bodyshell, and the colour choices are refreshingly different.
In terms of appearance, we think the Galaxy S3 wins here, though the Galaxy S2 still looks good. On build quality we have to say the Galaxy S2 still reigns. We have to call this one a draw.
Samsung's Galaxy S2 is fitted with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus capacitive multi-touch display, featuring Corning Gorilla Glass, an 800x480 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 217 pixels-per-inch (ppi). Although it's not top dog anymore, this is still one of the better displays on the market being very sharp, bright and vivid with rich colours and good contrast.
The Galaxy S3 is a considerable upgrade, however. Samsung has managed to squeeze a massive 4.8-inch screen into a body not much bigger than the Galaxy S2. Not only that, it uses Samsung's Super AMOLED HD technology for an improvement over the Galaxy's visual quality.
The resolution is an impressive 1280x720 pixels and churns out a pixel density of 306ppi, which, for a screen of this size, is quite an achievement. Samsung has used Corning's Gorilla Glass 2 technology so it's just as strong as the original Gorilla Glass but considerably thinner, a factor which helps keep the device slimmer overall.
Colour depth, contrast and brightness are all great here, while it may not be the sharpest display on the market it is way up there as one of the better ones and with a pixel density over 300ppi most users will probably struggle to notice the difference from other high quality screens.
Samsung is consistently quite generous when it comes to both internal and external storage space, a factor we appreciate. Both the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 come in 16GB and 32GB variants for internal capacity, while the Galaxy S3 has a further 64GB option. All variants of each handset have 1GB of RAM and micro SD capability for cars up to 32GB in capacity.
Like many other areas of the Galaxy S2's build, the processor is an element which is still competitive and viable on today's smartphone market. It boasts a dual core ARM Cortex-A9 processor running Samsung's own Exynos 4210 chipset clocked at 1.2GHz with a Mali-400MP graphics processing unit (GPU) in tow.
Performance is silky smooth and you should have no problems running even the most intensive games and apps or demanding levels of multi-tasking.
The Galaxy S3 is Samsung's first quad core smartphone. It's still running ARM Cortex-A9 cores, although of course there are now four of them, but this is on the company's new Exynos 4212 chip clocked at 1.4GHz.
It still uses the same Mali-400MP GPU as its predecessor, but we can understand why, it's a good graphical powerhouse and there's no good reason to change it.
From our brief time with the Galaxy S3 we found performance to be flawless, somewhat unusual for display models of even premium handsets at big launch events.
Operating System
Now that the Galaxy S2 has been updated to the latest Android build, version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich , these phones are both on the same platform. With Samsung's TouchWiz interface on top you'll broadly get a similar user experience with both.
However, it's worth mentioning that the Galaxy S3 has a few extra tricks up its sleeve with Samsung's ‘intelligence' features.
This includes things like the phone being able to sense when you put the phone to your ear while typing a text, it'll take this as a cue to call the person you're texting. Smart Stay is a feature which uses the front-facing camera to detect when you're viewing the screen or looking away, the phone will appropriately toggle the screen on or off accordingly.
Keeping in trend with the iPhone 4S's Siri voice assistant, the Galaxy S3 includes a new take on voice control with S-Voice, which will allow you to do a variety of things, such as activating the camera by saying ‘I want to take a picture', or taking the phone out of standby mode by saying ‘Wake up'.
This is also configurable to an extent, for example you could make the phone wake up when you say ‘Wake up buddy,' or similar phrases.
The Galaxy S3 includes a range of unique features in this vein, but whether they'll actually be useful in practice is something which remains to be seen. A lot of fuss was made over Siri, after all, but since the iPhone 4S's launch plenty of cracks have started to show.
Both handsets run 8-megpixel primary cameras with back-illuminated sensors (BSI) and resolutions of 3264x2448 pixels. Features shared by both devices include an LED flash, geo-tagging, autofocus, touch focus, face and smile detection and image stabilization. Both also capture video at 1080p.
The Galaxy S3 distinguishes itself with some extra features including the HTC One range's ability to capture simultaneous HD video and still images, and a rapid multi-shot capable of taking 3.3 photos per second with virtually no shutter lag. It also has the ability to pick the best photo from a cluster and to automatically detect friends' faces in pictures via social networking.
The Galaxy S2 features a video light. Both phones have 2-megapixel secondary cameras with video calling capability, the Galaxy S3's can capture in 720p HD.
Samsung's latest Galaxy carries a lot more cuff in terms of features and the image quality we saw was striking.
Well coming to the verdict guys if u really have money in your pocket go opt for this fantastic upgrade. By that time let us know your views about us 

Thursday, 21 June 2012


With the shutter now publicly lifted from iphone 4 ,hoards of APPLE followers have now ready plans to ditch their worn of 3Gs model and move on to next iteration. But if you are not wearing heart-shaped locket with Steve Jobs inside,does the move to Iphone 4 creates sense? where previous iphone release have towered over with competition every way, this year release face more stiff  outer competition then ever by.Does Apple still have what it takes to reign supreme in smartphone battle? so we stacked iphone 4 side by side to those of its intimidating competition, its HTC Android powered EVO find out... 


The HTC EVO boasts of a much larger display screen (4.3" compared to 3.5" on iPhone 4). However, iPhone 4 comes with a far superior 960x640 pixel "Retina display", which is the highest resolution among the current crop of smartphones.

Apple has built-in their in-house A4 processor chip in the new iPhone, which can apparently clock 1GHz of processor speed. While HTC EVO's Snapdragon processor too clocks the same speed, it needs to be noted that handset manufacturers routinely clock down the speed in order to boost the battery life. We
may not be able to comprehensively judge the performance of the two processors at the moment as we still don't know at what speed iPhone 4's A4 processor is running.

Both the devices offer storage of up to 32GB. iPhone 4 comes in two versions offering 16GB and 32GB of storage. On the other hand, HTC EVO 4G comes with a 8GB microSD card that is expandable up to 32GB.

Like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 too will work over 3G network. In comparison, HTC EVO 4G shall run on Sprint's 4G network, which is a lot faster. However, we need to note that the 4G network is still not available in large parts of the country and hence may not be a determining factor for a majority of the customers.

Both iPhone 4 and HTC EVO come with a front-facing and a rear-facing camera each. The rear-side camera on the iPhone 4 is equipped with a 5-megapixel CMOS. HTC EVO on the other hand, comes with a much higher 8-megapixel rear-side camera. However, as we have noted in the past, a higher megapixel on the camera sensor does not necessarily imply better quality images.

Video Recording:
Both the smartphones allow users to capture HD video. The iPhone 4 however captures videos at a marginally higher frames-per-second and also includes video editing functionalities.

Video Conferencing:
Again, thanks to the front-facing camera, both the devices allow video conferencing. iPhone 4 users may use the natively supported FaceTime app for Wi-Fi based video conferencing. HTC EVO users will need to purchase the Qik app that is available for $5. A basic version of the app is also available for free at the Android marketplace. Video conferencing on HTC EVO may be carried out over the carrier's 3G or 4G network apart from Wi-Fi.

Battery Life:
An improved battery life has been one of the most significant improvements in iPhone 4. Apple claimsthat iPhone 4 will provide a talk time of 7 hours on 3G and close to 14 hours on 2G. HTC EVO 4G in comparison offers only up to 6 hours of talk time.

Operating System:
iPhone 4 will come pre-installed with Apple's new iOS 4.0 that includes more than 100 new features while HTC EVO 4G currently comes installed with Android 2.1. However, it should soon get the Android 2.2 update that was unveiled by Google recently, which brings new features such Adobe Flash 10.1, Wi-Fi Hotspot etc.

AT&T has retained the older iPhone 3GS price point for iPhone 4. Users can purchase the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 model at $199 and $299 respectively when it goes on sale on June 24. On the other hand, HTC EVO 4G is already available with Sprint at $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate. Both the plans come with a two-year contract period.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Facebook 3 password trick....

An exciting article to look on. Till now this is known to a very few users of Facebook. Your Facebook account has three passwords. Yup right! Three passwords. Facebook uses this, to avoid login errors which are generally caused by keeping CAPS lock on while entering password. You can log in to your Facebook account by three passwords, one which is generated by you and another which are generated by Facebook itself, toggling the case of characters.
Let’s understand this with help of example.
Password 1 (User Generated)
Say you have password for your Facebook account as
Here the characters D.P are in upper case and all other characters are in lower case. This is your first and own generated password. You always use this. The remaining two passwords which are generated by Facebook are as Follows.
Password 2 (Altering cases)
The second password can be obtained by altering the case of characters. That means, you simply replace all upper case characters by lower and all lower case characters by upper. Put your password at Facebook login screen and hit enter. You will be logged in.
Here in above image you can clearly see that case is inverted. d.p of password is in lower case while the remaining characters are in upper case. Facebook creates this password to avoid login error which are caused due to leaving CAPS lock on while entering the password. So if your password is “Doll@Party
” then you can also use “dOLL@pARTY
” for logging in.
Password 3 (For mobile only)
As lots of users use Facebook from mobile also, Facebook creates a special password for mobile device. For mobile device, Facebook do not consider case of first character. Whatever it may be, in lower case or in upper case, Facebook will log on you to your account.
Since many mobile phone automatically capitalizes the first character of the password. This may lead to log in errors. Here as shown in above image, even if your password is “Doll@Party
”, then you can use “Doll@PaRtY
” while logging in to your Facebook account.
You may try these variations with your own password on the Facebook login screen available at Except this three, non of the other variation can be used for logging in purpose.
According to Facebook:
We accept three forms of the user’s password to help overcome the most common reasons that authentic logins are rejected. In addition to the original password, we also accept the password if a user inadvertently has caps lock enabled or their mobile device automatically capitalizes the first character of the password.
Thus, if you have accidentally enabled CAPS Lock on the keyboard, the toggled password would still work on Facebook. By that time keep visiting us….
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Friday, 8 June 2012

Windows Phone in China

Is Windows Phone starting to present the iPhone a run for its money in China? Microsoft thinks so.
Making its debut among Chinese consumers just two months ago, Windows Phone has already picked up a market share of 7 percent, according to Microsoft. That's a spot elevated than the 6 percent carve up owned by Apple's iPhone.
And Michel van der Bel, Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer for the Greater China Region, sees the market growing further, according to online business magazine Emerce
"We've only just begun," Bel said, considering that the blend of smartphones and Windows PC tablets will help Microsoft put on further grip amid both Chinese individuals and businesses. Such an approach will come in clever due to the increasing consumerization of IT, he added.
But the company tackles a mounting clash, Bel admitted. Android currently dominates China with a market share of around 69 percent. And Windows Phone is still far behind in the app pitch compared with Google's mobile OS.
Microsoft currently employs around 2,500 people in its R&D department in China, but Bel says the company requires investing more profoundly in the country.
Related stories says that Microsoft hopes Windows Phone summit can shrink the app gap, Microsoft offers Windows phones to Android haters, Windows Phone has received a shot in the arm in certain parts of the world, thanks to Nokia's Lumia handsets. The Lumia 900 has proven to be a hot commodity in the United States but has seen more sluggish demand in other countries, notably the U.K.
So hope just everything goes well with windows, as they try to achieve higher, till then you keep subscribing us!!!!!

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Rovio up for a new challenge - Amazing Alex

Rovio Entertainment has got one more bird in the bag!

Based on Casey’s Contraptions, Rovio Entertainment will be launching a puzzle game “Amazing Alex”. The idea of the game is more or less the same as its Elder Brother “Angry Birds”.

The Game consists of various Locations in Alex’s life where he has to conquer certain objectives through proper placing of objects and then letting things roll. The level objective may be to block the balloon to fly off, bursting the balloon, depositing the tennis ball in the basket etc. Additional objective is to collect as much stars possible on the way. 

Rovio has gone off the much awaited series of Angry Birds into something new of a franchise. The game looks much challenging (in the further levels) and at the same time has a more number of educational points attached to it!
Rovio’s Golden Egg Laying Chicken, Angry Birds just notched up 1 billion downloads worldwide recently making Rovio a lot richer!

 I hope within 45 days, Alex can continue where Angry Birds left out. Because with Rovio & Angry Birds comes, Amazing Alex and Heavy Promises on the shoulder of Alex!

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Youtube pro app for windows phone....

Unlike IOS and Android, Windows Phone does not offer an official YouTube client. But now, Thanks to XDA Member fscode for linking other members to a recently released YouTube app, called YouTube Pro.
 YouTube Pro and can do pretty much all the things that you would require out of a dedicated YouTube client. Besides searching for and playing back videos – both in standard an HD quality, it lets you record and upload videos of your own straight from your smartphone. You can download YouTube videos to your smartphone as well. Besides, it allows you to access your subscriptions and manage your playlists. And if that is not enough, YouTube pro can list videos that have been shot near your current location. It works over both Wi-Fi and 3G too.
Currently, there is a free, ad-supported version of YouTube Pro in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Here’s a complete list of features straight from the Marketplace:

1 Download YouTube videos (supports resume broken downloads)
2 Record and upload videos to YouTube (Resume broken uploads support)
3 Sync the downloaded videos with your PC by installing a client on your PC. (Link of the client and documentation:
4 Background downloads
5 Play the sound of the video under lock
6 Set channel to push notification
7 Playlist, Inbox, My Video
8 Choose and order the sections in the main page
9 Inbox push notification
10 Fast App Switching (FAS)
11 Subscriptions, favorites and search support
12 Map Tube: view the videos near your location
13 Comment in small screens while playing videos; Full screen in 16:9 or 4:3
14 Custom backgrounds
15 Local player enables you to play a custom playlist or play all videos
16 Video sharing via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Email
17 Multi-Language and Multi-region support.
So people download this app and enjoy your video….and don’t forget to subscribe it’s just a click away….

Monday, 21 May 2012

Know the unknown number at a blink...

Okay guys today I will introduce you with one of the best app I have gone through with, but before that some questionnaires… are you pissed up with all the unknown call on your cellphone?  All the spam callers are nothing doing but just irritating you? Or a blank caller is pain in your head? Well whatever the reason be all the solution is with TrueCaller application.
TrueCaller is a mobile app developed by True Software Scandinavia AB which is a privately held company located in Stockholm, Sweden. TrueCaller aims to give users significant information about the people they are communicating with. TrueCaller has more than 1 500 000 users and has Caller ID, Social media integrations and Call blocking functionality against spam calls. TrueCaller serves users from countries all over the world. The mission is to provide the most complete Caller ID and Number Search service in the world with global coverage.
The app is able to have global coverage merit to its crowd-sourced data which separates it from competitors and enables the app to work even in countries such as the UK and India where public data is not available.
True Software Scandinavia AB was founded in July 2009 and launched the service TrueCaller shortly thereafter. The name TrueCaller comes from the app being able to show the True or real name of the Caller.
TrueCaller is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile smartphones.
What can you do with TrueCaller for Android?
· Global Number Lookup service enables you to search and find people from around the world.
· Call Filter protects and warns you of fraud, spam and unwanted calls. If a call is received from any of the fraud, spam or unwanted numbers that TrueCaller has listed, a notification will appear to warn of the potentially unwanted call. You have the power to answer or block the call.
· Caller ID functionality instantly shows the identity of those annoying unidentified callers from abroad, anywhere in the world a call is received.
Run now and download the app at – ….