Friday, 13 April 2012


Apple iphone5 is reportedly checked out prototype with quad core processor graphic processor which is used to power a retina display. Apple is now interested in switching their screens from lcd to oled to obtain a better screening interface. As apple has patented for the crack proof glasses they are providing the same for the new model of phone which is iphone 5.
LTE features higher downloading and browsing speed as compared to the 3g units, but it was observed in Smartphone that availability of LTE hampers the battery life so apple is suggesting to make a thicker phone this time with a add up of extra circuit board which will provide resistance to the battery life.
The new  apple iphone 5 is providing the user the service of Iwallet  which  enables to put complete control over the financial subsidiary accounts , also leverages Near-Field Communication technology to complete credit card transactions directly on the phone as well.
The multiplayer gaming sounds most interesting aspect of the iphone5 which allows the people game together and even see it from different perspectives according to the devices' physical relation to one another.
Moreover to this apple iphone 5 is also providing the essential features like 3d photography, micro sim connector and an advanced haptics of a touch screen which will create sensation of textures would be an amazing technology, isn’t it?
Well Apple has proven to us time and again that simplity is the key to an enjoyable experience, but speeding up the touch screen would make the already-popular iPhone into the best touchscreen experience ever.

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