Thursday, 19 April 2012

Nokia lumia 800 camera review!!!

If camera is what you look for in your cell phone, then……..
Techdoll today tells you about the camera review of the new nokia windows phone, lumia 800 which basically lacks front facing camera, But having 8MP camera with f2.2 camera lens with a dual led flash which is better for nighttime photography and videography, moreover to it picture sharpness is also civilized but not even that great with flash, the camera here in lacks with the video resolution delivering only 720p……
Techdoll also tries to manage and perceive the auto exposure correct during video takes, which usually takes a lot of time comparatively to the Nokia’s greatest ever camera phone nokia n8. In lumia 800 when we are quick panning the video and line changes in the frame the camera is not able to calculate the amount of light hitting the sensor and we have to re adjust to make things clean and bright. However the camera comes with the great settings and control as in you can control scenes, the new metering mode, you can also make video by applying sepia or black and white settings, that’s pretty much good!!!! Isn’t it?
All in all the nokia lumia 800 has a decent camera...So techdoll likes to give 8 out of 10 in camera application…happy capturing!!!!!!! Like us, subscribe us!!!!!!! 

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  1. The camera is excellent, and 25Gb of skydrive it a lovely edition (had an account before they capped it at 7gb).

    Nokia Lumia 800