Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How to organize your music files??????

Well guys we each and every one knows organizing our playlist is so tricky, in particular when you are anxious to hear your track and couldn’t find it straightforwardly even after bundle of hustle….so techdoll tells you today how to manage your playlist today…..
Desperate to hear a track?  Well this is where tags come in…..every music file has a tag embedded to the song. Yes tag is all about the data in the song like the title, the artist, the composer, the album, the genre and all such kinda information…..So let’s begin how to tag most efficiently so you can find those songs….
To begin with ‘right click’ the mp3 file you want to see and go to properties, click on ‘advance’ and then you can see all the details and then change any of the detail, techdoll personally recommend to remove any sort of comma, under scrod, colons etc  from the artists name or title as it makes tagging whole lot easier.
To manage it further techdoll suggests one to use any of the music software like win amp, iTunes, widows media player, music monkey, jukebox or j river media centre. In my opinion j river media centre is the best software as for being comprehensive and delivering best quality sound for your speakers and headphones. And seamless as for its lots of format support. You can also try any other music software you suit, but after tagging it changes the world with a great difference…its so much wonderful tool….so all you music lover enjoy your music!!!!! I will take you’re departing…
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