Monday, 30 April 2012

2012 Super phone!!!

Confused to purchase a Smartphone???? Right!!!…well techdoll has the answer for all the stuffs in your mind…..
Well today techdoll will introduce you with all the best Smartphone’s of 2012….interesting, isn’t it? So let’s start with all, it surprising that after reviewing so many numbers of phones I haven’t come across with even a single that could be called a ‘super phone’. But I did found certain revolutionary or in other words magnificent Smartphones which you can surely opt for….
So moving ahead the first one is the gigantic screen possessor ‘Samsung Galaxy note’. The Galaxy Note, in the intervening time, has one of the largest displays in the world at 5.3-inches, providing with a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen which is protected by a Gorilla glass coating. The Note features multi-touch output, auto-rotate, accelerometer and gyro sensors and comes with pixel density of 285 ppi and an attractive 800 x 1280 screen resolution.  But the operating system really lags here….so if it’s about operating system I will surely recommend the windows mango phone Lumia 800. But the internet experience credit is deserved to iphone 4s, it loads pages in just a blink and thanks to the dual antenna. This phone logs in internet like never before. But the camera in all the three above devices is good but certainly not the best, so I would like to put you to some year back when nokia n8 was launched. The camera in nokia n8 is a 12mp with a xenon flash and a Carl zeis lens. If to pick up music than I will strongly again recommend the nokia n8 with 10 band equalizer, beautiful cover, stereo widening and loudness control. Well people sometimes do have a problem managing a touch screen phone so I will like to suggest nokia e7 with cool slide up QWERTY keypad, which is really so ease in typing…
So moving ahead with a bunches of Smartphones with possibly not any super phone….recommending the display and processor of Samsung galaxy note, operating system of nokia lumia 800, internet experience of iphone 4s, camera and music of nokia n8, and ease typing of nokia  e7…
P.S: there is a surprise for you all viewers, don’t miss to see the nokia BH-505 headphones….
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