Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Playstation 4

Was sup Guys, Tech Doll’s here to tell you today that Sony is working on the PlayStation 4,which it calls "Orbis," and plans to make public the gadget in time for the holiday season in 2013.
The console can reportedly play 3D games at 1080p resolution, as compared to the PS3's 720p. It apparently won't be backward-compatible with games for the PS3 and will reportedly seek to block owners from playing used games.
Some developers say they've already received development kits for the Orbis.
The PlayStation Orbis will reportedly use an AMD 64-bit CPU (central processing unit) and an AMD Southern Islands GPU (graphical processing unit).
The PlayStation 4's GPU will reportedly be able to display games written for the console at a resolution of up to 4,096 by 2,160. That's four times higher resolution than standard full HD. Screens with this level of resolution have already been unveiled by several vendors, including Sharp, Panasonic and Samsung.
PS4 users will reportedly be able to either download new games off the PlayStation Network (PSN) or purchase them on Blu-Ray discs, much like with PS3.
Sony will reportedly lock out used games on the PS4. Orbis owners who buy games on Blu- Ray discs will in fact have to lock the discs to a single PSN account and save the games to their hard drive, or hook them as "downloaded" in their account history and download them later.
People who purchase pre-owned Blu-Ray discs with PS4 games may be limited to a trial mode or some other restriction of content and will have to pay to have the full game unlocked or registered.
The PS 4's reported lack of backward compatibility may also have been spurred by other considerations. Game developers and publishers often consider used game sales a threat to their bottom lines because they don't make money off the resale, though they often have to continue providing server space to host the game. Sony's move might win it some goodwill in the designer bionetwork.
Indeed, Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 720 will also reportedly not be compatible with used games.
So that leaves up with some good and some bad speculations from the house of Sony. What will ideally happen is a question of time.
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