Friday, 18 May 2012

Business card storage made easy...

Right now you might possess so many business card that you might have got pissed off. Every other conference or meeting you attend, you are supposing to share your business cards and vice versa. Off all of those some are really good for nothing while some need to take a special care and to be preserved as it has lot of important value to you…

The first app i tested was Bizsnap from iapp...When you’re ready to snap a photo of the business card, BizSnap puts a guide box on the iPhone screen for you to position the card. The custom Take Photo button is color-coded; when the camera is still and in-focus, it turns from red to green. To recognize the text on the card, the image is actually sent to BizSnap’s servers, which perform the optical character recognition (OCR) and send the data back to your device. The process usually takes no longer than a minute, but obviously requires that your iPhone be online. You can shoot card photos and save the recognition process for later. When your scanned text comes back, BizSnap also scores the quality of your photo. I found that it complained a lot about photos that other apps scanned with ease. Overall, the OCR is acceptable, but noticeably more error prone than some of the apps I tried.
After throwing the useless ones to thrash, you hold so many important ones right?? So this is for all of you out there who want to accumulate all the necessary information relating to business cards. So for this process you need certain apps downloaded to your phone and obviously a normal camera phone.
The next app I tried was Business Card Reader. In a obvious advantage over its competitors, Business Card Reader lets you tap wherever on the screen when you’re photographing cards, which makes taking good pictures easier. When you tap to snap the photo, the app waits until you’re holding still before it actually takes the picture, which is an especially nice touch. Like BizSnap, it shows on-screen markers to help you position the card properly before its close-up.
Once you’ve snapped your photo, Business Card Reader does its OCR scanning right on your iPhone. Scanning takes seconds, and worked with impressive accuracy. Once you’re happy with the information, Business Card Reader offers options to create a new contact, or to merge the new data with an existing contact.
There are many others apps too like World card mobile, Abbyy app etc…you got to highlight this that you got to click your cards in a good brightness and no shadow room or else errors may occur.